Personal Injury Case

In this case Mr DiFranco’s client and his girlfriend were arguing outside the LaSalle Bank on Harlem Avenue when an armed security guard exited the bank building and told Mr. DiFranco’s client to leave the area. Mr. DiFranco’s client told the guard to mind his own business. As Mr. DiFranco’s client turned to walk away the security guard shot him. Mr. DiFranco’s client suffered 6 gunshot wounds resulting from the single bullet traveling thorough his left thigh, through his scrotum, and then through his right thigh. Despite the bank’s contention that there was a struggle for the gun and it discharged accidentally during the struggle, and Mr. DiFranco’s client was contrubutorily negligent for swearing, spitting and struggling for the gun, Mr. DiFranco won a 1.2 million dollar verdict for his client.

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